Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mini Hybrids

While on the subject of rockets... I am fascinated by hybrid motors. Hybrids use a little bit of something-that-burns and then some nitrous oxide. There are many styles of hybrids, but I started reading about mini hybrids and - whoa - did you know that people make their own whipped cream!?
iSi Whip Dispenser iSi Whip Chargers

So in the motor shown below, you put one of those N2O chargers, some acrylic tubing, and igniter stuff into a motor casing and you are ready for a 11 NS rocket flight! Depending on how many launches the nozzle and casing last, it may actually be cheaper to go hybrid even for the C because the acrylic and chargers are so cheap! That's some wild stuff.
picture of Aerocon Systems Scream Mini-Hybrid

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