Thursday, October 23, 2008

still a fan of stack overflow podcast

Around episode 10 of the Stack Overflow podcast, Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood sync'd up and became great. I had been an occasional reader of Coding Horror and Joel on Software but never much of a fan. Around episode 20 of the Stack Overflow podcast, Joel and Jeff got too comfortable and they're risking falling apart like Carl at DNR or Scott on Hanselminutes but I'm still a fan.

It may take a major problem with the Stack Overflow site of FogBugz to get the show back to the super-interesting level. Right now, Jeff settling in to thinking that Stack Overflow is a success and he's got it all figured out and Joel is just there for the ride. They are thinking that bringing on guests will keep the show interesting but I think the attraction to the show has been that they were dealing with real technical problems and differences on how they would address them throughout the cycle of building Stack Overflow. If there aren't any major disasters with Stack Overflow or FogBugz then they should probably stop doing the podcast or start writing a new product.