Saturday, October 14, 2006

Launch Log 2006.10.14

The line-up of what we launched today. We had to leave a few at home because the launch lugs or paint jobs weren't complete.

We flew this little yellow guy a couple times. The first flight, the motor retainer blew off instead of the nose cone, so it 'core sampled'. It came with extra motor retainers, so I guess that was expected. It went on to have another nice launch.

Isaac had named this one Purple Buzz. Unfortunately, we accidentally put a B engine in rather than the A we had planned on putting in it. It went out of sight and the grass was 10 inches high - we looked for quite a while, but failed to recover it.

The blue rocket with the pipes instead of fins (we call it Pipes) flew as beautifully as we could have hoped: straight up with a hint of a whistle. No troubles with chutes or anything - great rocket.

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