Monday, October 16, 2006

Launch Log 2006.10.15

We put the Red and Yellow Baby Bertha kit in the air today. I enjoyed building and painting the kit and it flew great! The first flight was using an A8-3 to make sure it went up straight before testing with a more powerful engine. The second flight was with a B6-4 and it was most impressive. Not only did the rocket go up straight, but the calm weather allowed the rocket to land very close.

Here is a pretty picture of Pipes; notice again the pipes instead of the fins. Whatever the magic there is, this rocket shoots perfectly straight. A large version of this will definitely be a project to use as a stable test platform for electronics and other airborn ideas (i.e. cameras and camcorders).

Not normally a good idea to catch rockets coming out of the sky, but coming in nice and slow on a full chute and weighing only 2.1oz, it was fun to watch Isaac attempt to catch the rocket.

We launched Quark and another tiny (RTF) model on A10-3T's - heh. Quark went out of site and the event puff wasn't enough to guide us to its landing. Shanelle suggested that our first bit of rocket electronics needs to be a beacon :)

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