Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hybrid Power

Michael pointed out this excellent site and their info on hybrid motors. Specifically, that hybrids have similar total impulse ratings but the flights are quite a bit different. I needed to see how the difference really played out, so I 'built' my LOC/Precision Bullet using a trial version of RockSim.

For my first flight, I chose the SkyRipper Systems H124 which has a total impulse of 220Ns. I ran 3 test flights and each went a little over 1900 feet.

The second flight used the Aerotech H123W which has a total impulse of 211Ns. It is interesting, although not very important to me, that the Aerotech motor is 7.5 inches long, but the SkyRipper is 24 inches long. Again, I ran 3 test flights, but each went over 2300 feet with the solid propellant.

This is my first real simulation with RockSim, so I could be totally misunderstanding the data. I'm not throwing out the idea of hybrids, but I may think more seriously at Aerotech RMS for a while.

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