Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Launch Log 2006.10.22

This was my first time launching at a group launch. The club was the Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists - they were pretty friendly and very helpful when I had some trouble with my ignitors.

We had a first flight of Pencil - we didn't get a launch shot of it because of the ignitor troubles. Since it was the first flight for that kit, I chose an A8-3 motor. The model flew straight and returned nicely.

The next flight was the red and yellow rocket that we have now named Mighty Mouse (which is probably a trademark for someone, so don't confuse my rocket with any companies). I love Mighty Mouse and I chose a C6-5 to give it some altitude...
Mighty Mouse leaving the pad smoke trail left from Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse went higher than any we have launched in recent history. In fact, it was a little breezy, so we have quite a walk to find it. There was plenty of open space and we did find it after just a couple minutes.
hunting for Mighty Mouse after a mighty launch

The last flight (because it got too windy and everyone packed up) was Pipes. I went with a B6-4 because I thought it would be too windy for a C, but I wanted to get up in the air again on something more than an A. The boost was straight, but we drifted again on the return. One of the shrouds came loose and the chute got a little banged up, so going to replace the chute on this.
Pipes leaving the launch pad

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