Wednesday, December 13, 2006

testing R/C with an igniter

I hooked everything up expecting to be disappointed. I thought that it was all good in theory, but it surely wouldn't work in practice. Making a hot fire would surely be more difficult that turning on an LED.
first attempt at using the R/C circuit with a real igniter

In the first attempt, I took the pictures and I am all sorts of no good at taking pictures. Shanelle assisted in the second attempt by taking some excellent pictures. I hooked everything up and told Shanelle what to expect and then flipped the switch.
the igniter is smoking just before firingthe igniter fires nice a brightigniter cooling down after firing

It takes about 3 seconds for the igniter to get hot enough to fire. I'm just using a 6 cell AA pack of NiMH batteries. The total voltage is 8.4 volts - quite a bit lower than the preferred 12 volts. It's nice that the igniters were willing to give me joy on the 8.4.

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MrTidy OTR said...

MS pointed out this curiosity: I have 6 AA batteries each measuring 1.2V. I measured the potential on the battery pack before the test and recorded it at 8.4V. I just measured the pack again today (haven't recharged or changed anything since the test) and it is still reading 8.4V. My guess is that my meter is wrong either on the high end or the low end.