Tuesday, December 26, 2006

preparing for first Bullet flight

Still have some finishing work to do on the Bullet, but it is nearly ready for its first flight. I'm planning on flying a couple flights on Jan 6 at the Northern Colorado Rocketry launch.
Isaac next to the Bullet with avionics bay and extension installed

In this picture, the base kit has had an avionics bay and an extension added. The avionics bay will carry the electonics that Michael and I have been working on. The extension is simply there to connect the avionics to the nose cone, but the additional length helps the rocket fly stably with heavy tail.

One last bit (besides the finishing of the rocket) is to test fire a motor. I'll be using a reloadable motor system and I need to verify that I can safely assemble and fire the engines without it blowing up or failing to fire the ejection :)

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