Saturday, December 02, 2006

my first SMD solder attempt

I had intended to use the toaster oven or electric skillet for doing surface mount, but I found out today that the required solder paste is hard to get and mighty expensive. I had to revert to doing it by hand.
setting things out in preparation to solder the PIC

My strategy was to tack the chip down on pins 1 and 18. That turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated: when I'd get the solder soft to move the chip for alignment, I'd repeatedly move it too far. I finally got it aligned and then soldered all pins in a rough fashion - just making sure I got a good bead on each lead and it flowed under the PIC leads. After everything had some solder on it, I used a fine desolder braid briefly on each lead to pull up the bridges.
image of the PIC and adaptor connected to bread-board

After everything was soldered, I tested by poking each pin to see if it moved. None did. Then I put the PIC / adaptr into the bread-board to check resistance. I had an initial scare when I hit Vcc, but then I realized that would probably be okay. I'm looking forward to trying out a circuit now.

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