Sunday, September 23, 2007

Launch Log 2007.09.22

We had 7 launches on this awesome late-summer afternoon. We pulled out the Renegade which hasn't flown in a while, melted the Stingray, and broke the fin on the Purple Rhino - again. Spencer wanted to fly the Firestreak SST but it has a broken fin from little boys playing with rockets so we'll have to wait for a replacement part.

  • Firehawk | 1/2 A3 | straight flight, higher than usual on 1/2 A3, drifted in recovery to land 100 yards from pad

  • Renegade | C6 | Isaac did most of the prep, some weather cocking, drifted in recovery to land 120 yards from pad

  • Army Man | B6 | impressive flight on a B6; no weather cocking but drifted a lot in recovery; landed about 200 yards from pad - bounced in a parking lot

  • Stingray | 1/2 A3 | Spencer thought about prep'ing the rocket, weather cocked just enough to land close to pad on streamer recovery

  • Purple Rhino | 4 x A10 | beautiful flight - love this rocket; no weather cocking; light wind so landed pretty close to pad

  • Firehawk | 1/2 A3 | neighborhood kid joined us and did the prep; chute got stuff in ejection so motor ejected; no damage to rocket (other than lost motor retainer

  • Stingray | 1/2 A3 | the ejection charge blew the nose-cone off the rocket and melted / deformed the top 60% of the fuselage; fuselage and nose-cone both recovered but rocket is damaged beyond repair because of the deforming of the fuselage

Before the final Stingray flight, we attempted to launch Mighty Mouse 2. I didn't have anything to use for flash-in-the-pan ignition, so we tried using solar igniters. After 3 attempts of getting rocket to pad, count-down, fail, check connection and for shorts, we gave up. We're thinking we need to build or buy a bigger launcher (one that uses a bigger battery anyway).

Spencer can't hold down the launch key, so Isaac holds the key and Spencer pushes the button.

Team work - and the rocket lifts off. Note that it is the person pushing the launch button that does the count-down.

Spencer finishes off his launch by doing his own retrieval. Well done, Spencer.

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