Monday, September 10, 2007

Launch Log 2007.09.09

Mom and I briefly attended the Tripoli Colorado commercial launch on Saturday (2007.09.08) but we didn't launch anything. We got to see an impressive flight on a SkyRipper K motor - that was the first flight I'd seen on a hybrid (other than a couple Alpha Hybrid test flights that blew up the rockets). I attended the Tripoli Colorado research launch on Sunday (2007.09.09) for about 5 hours and got to see some static tests, more Alpha Hybrid tests (yes, again, they destroyed the rocket), and some big launches on home-built motors.

When we got home from our trip in the mountains, we all went over to the field by our house and launched a few rockets of our own. The first flight was Spencers new purple rocket: the Firestreak SST. The Firestreak SST was purchased to replace Spencer's previous favorite: the 'silver nose' Outlaw which finally broke a fin and is no longer flyable. The Firestreak SST used a A3-4T for its first flight and flew great but recovery was not ideal: it uses a streamer for recovery but the streamer didn't appear to slow the rocket much.

Our second flight was Isaac's new Firehawk. Isaac built and put the decals on the Firehawk himself but I assisted with the glueing. Isaac even tied the shock cord on. We flew the Firehawk on an A3-4T but recovery here was also a bit of a problem: chute didn't open right and got tangled up. We'll have to watch it closely on the next flight - perhaps we didn't pack the chute good enough on this first flight.

Isaac preparing Firehawk for first flight.Isaac posing with Firehawk ready for flight.

It was a bit windy: we had to tilt the launch rod quite a bit to keep the rockets coming down within walking distance.

We flew Mighty Mouse on a B4-2 and Army Man also on a B4-2. Might Mouse landed in a pine tree but was recovered and had no damage. Great straight flight and drifted a bit in recovery. Army Man landed behind the school; Shanelle was hoping it was on the school but the boys recovered it without trouble. It flew great on the B4 with very little weather cocking (which is why it landed so far away :) ).

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