Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bullet Ground-Testing

I've been reading a lot lately that you need to always ground-test to make sure that the charge can separate the loaded rocket. I had actually planned to fly the Bullet without ground-testing but I'm ready to fly the Bullet and the next available date isn't until November so ground-testing sounded kinda fun.

I prep'd the rocket (without an engine) and fed the wire for the Main ejection canister through the static port hole. Some people, so I'm told, do their ground-testing using a tube taped to the static port hole and they suck on the tube and then when they release, the AV bay represurrized and the computer fires the charges. I manually tested the computer separately a few days ago using it's built-
in test sequences and am just testing the separation in my ground-testing here.

Isaac thought that the test failed; he knew that the rocket wasn't going to launch but he thought that the chute was supposed to open. I used the canisters that I built a couple weeks ago and calculated that I needed about 2.5 g of FFFFg black powder for the ejection charge. A failure would have either been the whole upper section shredding from too big a charge or the nose code not popping out with force from too small a charge. Looks to me like the 2.5 g was just right.

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