Saturday, March 10, 2007

Launch Log 2007.03.10

Today was our first time launching a cluster. This one was the FlisKits Rhino with a 4-motor cluster built with centering rings from Jon's Colorado Rocketry Components.

Rhino greased up with motors loadedRhino launchingRhino motors spent - a little char'd

The Rhino had two flights and both were amazing. The first flight was on 4 A3 motors and the rocket proved to flight straight. I did a quick clean-up, regreased, reloaded, and took a second flight with 4 A10's.

cleaning and reloading the Rhino

After flying the Rhino, we flew Isaac's Alpha on a C6-7... we were sure we lost the rocket because there was no sight of it even a couple minutes after the launch. While Spencer and I were over in the field to the east of the launch field, we noticed the Alpha decending over the field to the south of the launch field. Wowsers - we'll have to get a pico altimeter and beacon installed in the Alpha before another flight on a C motor!

Spencer chose the Alpha for flightAlpha lifting off - we wondered if maybe for the last time

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LukeWC said...

I gotta see the next Alpha flight on a C.