Thursday, May 24, 2007

Alberto Santos-Dumont

I've not read about Alberto until now. From the little information that I have read so far in Wikipedia I suspect at least a few of the early Tom Swift books were based around this man and his achievements. I'll have to find a book about him.

It was while I was looking for information about personal blimps that I saw Alberto's name. I was reading the FAQ about the Alberto airship from SkYacht and they pointed out that they named the ship after this pioneer of aviation.

Isn't it beautiful:

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Andreas said...

ya that personal blimp is really cool. If you like blimps and airships, I would suggest you take a look at this
it's a special Experimental Lighter Than Air Meeting where you can spot quite a few of those things and i sorganised by Dan Nachbar who built the SkyYacht. Also check out our blog in general we are planning to make a week long special about a couple of Personal Blimp Projects like "White Dwarf" and "Zeppy"