Monday, May 24, 2010

tethered via G1, Proxoid, and Chrome

It is great to hear that tethering will be part of the OS on future phones. For now, tethering isn't too bad - the worst bit is getting the Android SDK installed if you don't have it already.

Proxoid app on G1
My G1 is using Android OS 1.6 and I doubt it will ever get the 2.x line. There are probably a bunch of tethering apps but the one I downloaded was Proxoid. When you open Proxoid, there is basically just an option to change ports and then a start / stop button. It crashed once but otherwise it appears reliable. When I was to tether my computer, I open Proxoid and click Start.

Android SDK
I assume that all tethering is the same: you start the proxy app on the phone and then use adb from the Android SDK to forward some TCP port on the computer to a port on the phone. Download and install the latest Android SDK and then add the tools directory to your PATH.

I forward TCP port 8080 on my computer to port 8080 on the phone. Port 8080 is currently the default port that Proxoid uses on the phone.
adb forward tcp:8080 tcp:8080

Chrome browsing
It isn't necessary to use Chrome but it is easy to open Chrome using a proxy and not have to change any settings. You could easily do this with FF or Safari if there is a command-line option to use a proxy or if you find the proper configuration settings.

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --proxy-server=localhost:8080


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

This worked for me. Every other tutorial assumed you already had firefox on your computer, and reconfiguring the apple settings for a proxy wasn't working.

Thanks again!

MADCookie said...

Maybe next year you should get to San Diego and lead a session on your project with Android at Code Camp. Here is one of the Android sessions