Monday, May 24, 2010

Eclipse plugin installation with Proxoid on G1

I had figured I'd just be browsing via the tether but then I discovered that I needed another Eclipse plugin. Setting Eclipse to use the proxy was simple enough. I use Proxoid on the G1 and adb on my computer just like I did in my previous tethering post. Rather than start Eclipse with a proxy configured, I adjusted the Eclipse preferences to use the proxy. The risk of adjusting the preferences is that when I'm in the office, I'll forget that I had configured the proxy - my memory for trivial stuff is really that bad.

Eclipse -> Preferences... | General -> Network Connections

You have to change the drop-down the Manual before you can edit the HTTP and HTTPS proxies. Since I have adb mapping 8080 for the proxy, that's what I am using in this proxy. Once the proxy is set in Network Connections, plugins installed through regular means.

Good Stuff.

Network Connections for All
I had to install the 1.6 platform so I could create a new app for my phone. Since the Android plugin manages the platform and API installations, I wasn't real confident that the Network Connections proxy would get used. I was pleased to find that Network Connections does affect the ADT properly - I'm somewhere in Iowa between Des Moines and Council Bluffs and getting the platform.

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