Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Al Gore invented Global Warming

I listened to an interview about 5 years ago where Bob Metcalfe or Vint Cerf was tributing Al Gore for pushing hard on congress to fund the Information Super-highway. The direct result was increased funding, and I believe the 5 node backbone between the super-computing centers and then ultimately the Internet as we know it today. I cringe when people still joke about Al Gore saying he invented the Internet - I haven't heard his words, but it seems like he's allowed to take some significant credit.

It just struck me, as I was reading about the plastic / nanotube solar panels, that we'll probably be hearing in 5 years people saying that Al Gore invented Global Warming. It'll make me cringle but perhaps it'll have the same amount of truth: it sure seems like clean tech has boomed following his moving on the environment.

I'm no big fan of Al Gore - just had the thought...

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