Monday, June 04, 2007

NCR June Launch

No - I didn't launch the Bullet this weekend. It was an awesome weekend of rocketry, though.

In the picture above, the two rockets were supposed to drag-race. I believe that the rules are the winner has the best 2 out of 3 of: first to altitude, highest altitude, and first to land. Art, with his BAMF, was the obvious winner in this launch because Dougs camera rocket didn't fire. The next day, they tried again and both rockets launched, but Doug's rocket was only thinking about getting to the ground first: it went up, turned over and went back down. I'm pretty sure it was super-sonic by the time it landed because it was really screaming and I was well over a mile away and could here it quite loudly. The nose cone was buried 2 feet in the hard-packed desert dirt. Art won again.

Later on the day, after dozens of other cool flights, this 14 foot long Saturn V launched. Most impressive:

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