Thursday, June 21, 2007

Launch Log 2007.06.21

Isaac woke me up at 6:30a this morning to go launch some rockets. Unfortunately, I had a production deployment at 2a this morning, so I was slow to get out of bed. We finally hit the launch site around 7:45a and had some nice launches. It was a beautiful, warm morning; winds were calm.

Our first launch was a new Estes Bandit that the local hobby show, Mile Sky Hobbies, gave us. The owner had hosted a build 'n take booth at an air-show recently and we weren't able to attend so he gave us the model that he had built for demonstration. The rocket is an E2X kit and flies nice and straight. Our first flight was on an A8-3 just to verify that it would fly straight.

Second flight was the tiny, yellow Estes Sting Ray. Isaac did all the prep including the motor install and launch connection and then launched. We launched with a 1/2A3 and the tiny thing still went high and far.

Mighty Mouse took a turn on a B6-6 and had a great flight, as always. Next, Isaac prep'd the Estes Swift for it's first flight. Using a 1/2A3, the rocket went far out of site up and a little to the north. We heard the motor ejection, but couldn't see any trace of the rocket or smoke. Isaac is convinced that the Swift is orbitting earth at this very moment.

The String Ray flew next on a B6-4. The glide from powered flight to apogee was impressive. Mighty Mouse flew on a B6-6 and then we flew the String Ray one more time on a B6-6.

That's 7 flight... I think we had 8 launches... I'm forgetting something. I better start carrying paper or a computer to the launch to record! Launch prep was far better this time and I remembered all launch rods and parachutes today :)

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