Monday, December 15, 2014

baking IR Repeater

I've adjusted the IR Extender Mark 4 circuit now to fit the parts that I have easily available and to be powered by USB (5V). I want it powered by USB because I have multiple devices in the cabinet with it that have USB connectors on them and a couple of them are always on. Now that I'm happy with the circuit, I have it on a proto board in the cabinet and I've done a final mounting of the IR Receiver.

I had originally intended to put the receiver in the middle of the Wii Sensor Bar but I decided it would still be subtle on its own below the sound bar and much easier to mount there.

Here are the notes about what I've modified in the original Mark 4 circuit:
  • R1 changed to 470R
  • C1 removed
  • Z1 removed
  • Q1 changed to PN2222
  • C3 removed
  • Q2 changed to PN2222
  • R6 changed to 47R
  • R7 changed to 220R
  • LED1 replaced with 2 red LEDs
  • LED3 removed
I just need a single IR LED for my cabinet so that's why I removed LED3. On the other hand, I wanted a red status LED in the cabinet and one in the wall (on the IR Receiver end) to help if I need to do trouble-shooting later.

I'm now going to let things sit and bake for a few days. I've started learning EaglePCB to lay out a board so I can get one printed and get this into a proper case. EaglePCB is going to be a challenge.

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