Friday, April 30, 2010

Palm and WebOS

I wish things would have gone differently with Palm and WebOS. Reading almost nothing but negative press about the HP buyout of Palm has me thinking about it. From my perspective, Palm committed where RedHat, Google, and probably others just talk big about: they built devices that were really built on Web technologies. I've said before how impressive it was that Palm shipped their VM on VirtualBox - it was a specific, older version of VirtualBox - but it wasn't some opaque, crappy device simulator that other vendors provide. Building apps for devices with just HTML/CSS/JS is a great solution and it is supported in Android and iPhone but Palm made it THE solution.

My favorite quote found reading comments in the negative press:

At one time you could have said Apple was late since Palm already had the Smart Phone market cornered.

Heh - it really is true. Today, seems like the press and most of the noisy people are Apple fan boys / girls but tomorrow it won't be the same and the 'obvious' stupidity of HP buying Palm may or may not be true.

WebOS will probably die at HP but it was a great effort by Palm. Shame.

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