Monday, October 12, 2009

rocket repairs and thor

I am a huge fan of the kits from Semroc and my Explorer and Arcas have been flying for a couple years.  My most recent flight on the Arcas used an F42T and 2 of the fins were ripped off.  I was never real happy with my fin alignment on the Arcas so I took the opportunity to remove all the fins and reseat them.  The fins are all in place and this time I used a bit more epoxy and fiberglass filler.  The Arcas is in serious need of a paint job but I think that these fins will be solid!

The Explorer had a cracked fillet.  The crack survived a few flights on E motors but I wouldn't be confident putting an F in it as it was.  I ground out the old fillet, sanded, and then put in a few fillet.  I love this rocket and have flown it at many parks and both NCR launch sites.  I plan to fly it at the Nov NCR launch (if my Shanelle lets me go).

I'm finally making progress on the Thor.  Curtis has been making a lot of noise and I'm even thinking he really is going to get the airframe to me.  I used JB Weld to attach the fins to the motor mount tube and am now in the process of putting in large JB Weld fillets.  Sometime in the near future, Warren M is going to help me do tip to tip fiberglassing on the fins and then when the airframe arrives it will pretty much just slip on.

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