Thursday, March 19, 2009

setting up personal wikimedia

I'm a huge fan of Confluence since I get to use it at work and have gotten real familiar with it. Unfortunately, there isn't a personal version of it, that I can find, so for setting up a wiki for personal use I have to turn to something else. I have experience with a few but I'd say my second favorite is wikimedia. Wikimedia has everything I need - this is mainly for Greg and I to keep track of our rocket info like propellants and nozzle info.

yum install php
yum install mysql
yum install mysql-server
/etc/init.d/mysql start
mysqladmin -u root password '###'
yum install php-gd
yum install php-mysql
cd /var/www/html
tar xzf ~/wiki*tar.gz
ln -s wikimedia-* wikimedia
chown -R apache:apache wikimedia*

Admin username: admin
Password: ###

Database name: rockets_wiki
Database username: rockets_wiki
Database password: ###

That is looking good and the wiki is ready to start using solely through a browser; however, it isn't externally available yet. Since all traffic on port 80 currently forwards from my firewall to an IIS instance, I need to set up a reverse proxy to forward the traffic on from IIS to the internal Linux server hosting wikimedia. I haven't finished setting up the reverse proxy but below are the links that I've been working from. Note that ARR is only avaiable for II7, which I don't have, so it is mostly informational about what I wish I had.

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Jon Silvers said...

Actually, there is a personal license for Confluence Guess we need to do a better job of advertising it on our website, DOH.

Thanks for being a fan!

Jon Silvers