Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Launch Log 2008.12.07

The weather was nearly perfect and we launched around 20 rockets (we = Greg M, Isaac, Spencer, and me). I lost an unfinished Mighty Mouse: great launch on a C but went north and landed in the pond. The Westminster police stopped by to tell us we technically weren't supposed to be there but they weren't telling us to leave; the policy is that if someone complains they'll come tell us to leave.

We launched Isaac's Rainbow Machine and Greg launched his own Mean Machine. Both did great on D12's.

People stopped to watch and these girls came and played for quite a while. Fun to see so many people interested in rocketry.

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MADCookie said...

Sorry to hear about Mighty Mouse. Perhaps adding a water-activity flotation device should be added to the design.

Just a thought. I'm also glad to hear you didn't get thrown in jail.