Thursday, November 09, 2006

preparing to build rocket electronics

The Roctronics projects was active a couple years ago, but there isn't anything completely buildable there at the moment. Michael is redesigning the harness and controller boards with available parts so that we can move forward with a first implementation.

For my own reference, this is a list of parts that I have ordered and the data sheets:
39357-0002 - Eurostyle Terminal Block (for connecting power and ejection charges)
PIC16F628-20/SO - PIC Microcontroller
ATtiny2313 - AVR Microcontroller
254-PB521 - 100dB Buzzer (to mount in electronics bay of rocket for locating)
BZX79C5V6 - 5.6V Zener Diode
SN74LS00N - standard logic IC
SN74LS04N - standard logic IC
SN74LS07N - standard logic IC
SN74LS90N - standard logic IC
CD40110BE - standard logic IC
L7805ABV - 5.0V 1.0A positive voltage regulator
L7812ACV - 12V 1.0A positive voltage regulator
MAX233CPP - RS232 driver / receiver
PN2907A - standard PNP transitor

A beautiful thing about electronics is that most of the parts are in the $0.10 range, so I could order a bunch and deal with mistakes :)

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